About Point Business Corporation

Good management of the organisation it's the key for increasing the value and competition of the company. Every organisation it's a complex system, which is consisted with methods of operation and people (including their knowledge and skills).

The Points Business Corporation company is specialized in analyses about functioning of the company, making the company's development strategy, signalising the possible changes, establishing trade relations, develop requirements for information systems and supporting the process of implementation of those systems.

The Points Business Corporation company is offering the training courses, including the webinar courses. Furthermore, company is offernig comprehensive solutions for customers – „from the beginnig to finish” making the important documentation and projects in clear and understable way.

For clients of our company there is a possibility for participation in on-line training courses and coathing. Our customers are satisfied with our services, because our personel has high qualifications. They are experts in their branch.

In every company there should be implemented a right way of managing. There should be a good analysis system, including changes, which are taking place iside the company. It provides higher profits and more succeses.

We invite you to cooperate with us!

Infinity Group (Seychelles) Ltd is licensed with International Corporate Services License which is issued by the Seychelles International Business Authority.

Jena Collins finance and administration manager
John Warren service manager
Elizabeth Capaldi marketing manager


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